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As we are completing another project, Sue and I reflect on the pleasant experience of working with your organization. It is with great pleasure that we convey our sincere appreciation for your efforts in the continuing success of our projects.

Comments which we have received from our clients have been complimentary and confirm our own thoughts pertaining to the professional manner in which your work was executed. We know that it took long, hard hours of work and considerable personal sacrifice to correlate the myriad of details necessary to ensure the success of these projects.

Your display of exceptional skill and resourcefulness in coordinating these complicated projects is noteworthy. Your dependability, initiative and talent to surmount difficulties in your path enliven those who come in contact with you. Your constant dedication and ability to complete tasks in a superior manner is a direct reflection of the respect and support you are so deserving of.

Sue and I applaud you and Ray for these accomplishments and extend our sincere and personal wishes for continuing success.

With Fond Regards,

Louis A DiGeronimo AlA